A Bit About St. Clare's

With the semester at the close and me having had such a fantastic experience studying abroad, I feel I need to talk a little bit about the college that has made all of this possible. St. Clares was founded in 1953 by Anne Dreydel and Pamela Morris with the mission of advancing international education and understanding amongst cultures. Based upon my experience, it is clear that they have stayed true to the course. There were well over 20 countries represented this term and from the first evening's dinner at St. Hilda's College to the 'final' going away party, I was meeting new friends from around the world, each with their own world view, and it was in their friendship that my own world view grew as a result. I watched as students from countries that often conflict with each other would put aside their differences and become good friends, with a new level of cultural understanding because of it. I had a fantastic education, with my Latin professor from the O.E.D., my Shakespeare and Psychology professors from the University (one with his doctorate from Cambridge, the other with her doctorate from Stanford), and my Blackfriars tutorial which challenged me in ways I did not think possible, bringing my academic work up to a new level in the process. The seminar series hosted fantastic speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds, all relating to the underlying topic, creating a very well thought out interdisciplinary approach. Even my world geography improved, as a result of this experience, as I now know people from all over the world, allowing me to put a face to the country. I have made incredible friends; I have learned more in this semester than I ever imagined and I had a fantastic time doing it-St. Clares has truly mastered the art of international education and I am grateful for having had the experience!