A Bit About the ten Woldes

I had such a wonderful time in Holland that I feel as if I need to share a little bit about Roderick's family, the the Woldes, who took such good care of me during my visit. And, of all of my memories of the trip, just sitting at their dinner table, having dinner with them as if I was part of their family, was clearly one of the best.
Roderick's father, Wauter, and his younger brother, Olivier, are voetball professors Leiden University.
His mother, Monique, and grandmother are world-class fitness instructors.
His two sisters, Charlotte and Juliet (picture pending), once former back up singers for Rhianna, have recently signed with P Diddy's label.
And Roderick is the currently employed at Heineken as the vice president of consumption.
All kidding aside, Wauter; Monique; Charlotte; Juliet; Olivier; and last, but not least, Roderick, I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for your incredible generousity and warm hospitality. I am forever in your debt for all of your kindness.