The Blackfriars Experience

While there are many reasons why I chose to study at St. Clare's, the highlight of my educational experience has been the Blackfriar's tutorial. There are six of us who have been awarded the opportunity to study at Oxford University. It is very challenging, but I am in constant amazement as to how much I am learning. Each week we are assigned to read somewhere between two to five hundred pages, write a 2500 word essay, then defend it for an hour, one on one, with our professor. We also have been granted access to the Bodleian Library, which houses every book ever published in the UK. The 'swearing in ceremony' is quite a ritual, occuring in a part of the library where Parliament was once held. I must say that it was a bit overwhelming, but I really enjoyed sitting in the thrown.
It is not all work and no play, however, the bottom photo is with my tutor, Fr. Peter, at the Hilary term dinner with the friars. It consisted of a six course meal and excellent conversation. We capped the evening at The King's Arms, an Oxford tradition.