Toolin 'Round the Town

After a week of non-stop rain, the weather finally broke and the sun reappeared in the sky; we decided to explore the city. We meandered through a few brick allyways surrounded by towering stone structures and found ourselves confronted with Christ Church. The spectacle itself is quite awe-inspiring, but its prominence in the literary community is even more impressive. Not only were the dining scenes of Harry Potter filmed in the cathedral, but the characters and themes of Carrol's Alice in Wonderland were inspired by the stained glass and shrubbery within the building. We eventually ended up at Turf Tavern for some lunch. The Turf is known for their incredible ale selection and it seems to be a regular stop for world leaders. The queen, of course, has tipped a few Turf style and ex-president Clinton was once a regular. But I think my favorite story about the Turf is that the former prime minister of Australia actually set a world record for downing a yard in 11.5 seconds. While the girls opted for a more continental fare consisting of wine and salad, I decided to go native with a pint of Old Speckled Hen and some bangers and mash. I did not, however, attempt to break any records.