More Shakespeare, Please

I cannot emphasise how much I have really enjoyed my Shakespeare course at St. Clare's this term. Not only do I find the material fascinating when it is viewed in the context of new historicism, but the regular field trips to live performances (which are aplenty in this part of the world!) add a dimension to the study that I would be unable to find anywhere else. Our second outing was to The North Wall, one of Oxford's local theatres, to see Measure for Measure, my soon-to-be favorite of all the Shakespearean plays. The play was set in modern times, a style in which I am normally not a fan, but I must say, it worked incredibly well. Instead of detracting from the theme of the play, as I find anachronisms so frequently do, it lent to my amusement of the play as pure, unadulterated satire. Instead of getting caught up in the language of the play, I was caught up in the tone, which, to me, if directed properly, is the underlying message of the entire play. The cast was phenomenal and the direction was, in my opinion, SPOT ON! I cannot recommend this play, or this class, any more highly!